The Ortegas are one of those families of cosecheros that have managed to adapt to modern times, preserving their philosophy of quality and craftsmanship in their wines and adapting to present-day oenology.

The story of Ortega Ezquerro begins with Quintín Ortega, who planted the family’s first vines back in the year 1896. At that stage, our founding father was a humble barrel-maker with ambitions, who as well as making barrels for the aging and shipping of wine, decided to go a step further by planting some vines. Later he refurbished an ancient wine cellar to turn it into a winery where he made and aged wine for his family.

Many years have passed down to the present day in which Quintín Ortega’s great-grandson, Carmelo Ortega, the current head of the family, also heads the winery and is responsible for leading it along the right path. Eager to evolve and improve, Carmelo has embarked on a new project with ambitious oenological objectives and a clearly defined goal, namely to give the wines from our Pedriza the value they deserve and to position the concept in the market, with the support of a solid modern brand that meets the quality expectations of the Designation of Origin area in which we find ourselves, without ever forgetting our origins as a “village wine”.

Ortega Ezquerro’s approach involves a return to all things indigenous, a recovery of the essence of wine.
An idea based on several different phases::
Proceso vendimia: Tierra


We are talking about poor soils with stones (no good for making bread) and ancient vines looked after in the traditional way with goblet pruning and fertilized only with manure and classical plant treatments (sulphur and sulphates). The objective of Ortega Ezquerro is to offer everything that the land can give.
Proceso vendimia: Vendimia


Careful handpicking of the grapes requires expert knowledge of the plant. Excess grapes are removed early so as to optimize resources and the selection process, after which only the best grapes with an optimum level of ripeness enter the winery.
Proceso vendimia: Elaboración


We are returning to ancient carbonic maceration for young wines. Mother’s love and care for the whites and rosés (the aroma is crucial) and long, exquisite macerations and wine-making processes for the crianzas, reservas and special wines.
Proceso vendimia: Crianza


Meticulous care and great dedication are required during the time the crianzas, reservas and, of course, special wines spend in wooden barrels. This enables us to create wines that represent the philosophy of the winery and its oenological principles. A philosophy based on what is indigenous to us, what is ours, earth, stone and respect.


Ortega Ezquerro has a relevant figure in the scheme of the winery, his name is Carmelo Ortega.

Great-grandson of the founder of Quintin Ortega in 1896. He was breeder, after grower and now precursor of these village wines with personality, with Tudelilla as image. All of this initiative has another protagonist behind the scenes, he is the responsible of the wines of the winery that have become an argument with unquestionable value showing mime, quality and knowledge. We are speaking about the Winemaker David Bastida, right hand of Carmelo.

Together with the rest of the team configure Bodegas Ortega Ezquerro.